Samsung Dishwasher error codes

Samsung Dishwasher error codes

Samsung dishwasher error codes and their potential meanings:

Error CodeDescription
1EWater inlet error – The dishwasher is not filling properly with water.
5EDrain error – There is a problem with water draining from the dishwasher.
OEOver-level water error – The dishwasher is detecting water overfill.
LELeakage error – Water is leaking from the dishwasher.
9ELow water level error – The dishwasher is not receiving enough water.
7EWater wall error – Issue with the water wall motor or its movement.
HEHeater error – There’s a problem with the dishwasher’s heater.
CECommunication error – An issue with communication between components.
4EWater supply error – The dishwasher is not getting enough water.
bEButton error – There’s a problem with the control panel buttons.

Certainly, here are additional Samsung dishwasher error codes:

Error CodeDescription
3EMotor failure – Issue with the motor or its movement.
4CDrain pump error – A problem with the drain pump operation.
9CElectronic control board communication error.
0EOverflow error – Water has overflowed or leaked.
LCLeak sensor error – The leak sensor has detected an issue.
6EHeater relay error – A problem with the heater relay.
CE1Configuration error – Issues with the dishwasher’s settings.
AECommunication error – An issue with internal communication.
8CLow water pressure error – The dishwasher detects low water pressure.

For specific troubleshooting steps related to your Samsung dishwasher model, please consult your user manual or contact Samsung customer support.

Always refer to your Samsung dishwasher’s user manual for specific information related to your model. If you encounter an error, it’s advisable to contact Samsung customer support or a qualified technician for assistance.

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