Panasonic Washing machine error codes repair guide

Panasonic Washing machine error codes repair guide

Common Panasonic Washing Machine Error Codes

Error CodeDescription
E01Door unlocked.
E02Water filling issue. Possible inlet valve fault.
E03Pump failure.
E04Overflow error. Possible leaking.
E05NTC or heater error.
E06Motor failure. Possible open or short circuit or disconnected motor.
E08Motor triac short circuit.
E10Electronic pressure sensor issue.
H01Water level sensor error.
H02Motor triac error.
H04Load relay short circuit error.
H05Memory circuit of IC issue.
H12Safety switch connection error.
H17Thermistor error (for X series).
H21Overflow error.
U11Water draining error. Possible drain hose/filter blockage or drain pump failure.
U12Unclosed lid.
U13Spin or Air Dry is not possible (washer dryers only).
U14Water supply error.
U99Water forcibly drained.
U18Pump or drain filter found to be unstable.
H07Tacho generator signal from irregular or out of range motor.
H09Communication error between power and display electronic cards.
H18Motor thermistor sensor detected irregular signal or out of range. Check motor connections.
H23Heater relay on main control PCB detected abnormal or out of range. Probably an issue with the electronic controller.
H25Motor error. Possible main motor wiring problem.
H27The washing machine door lock cannot engage with the latch in place.

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