Samsung refrigerators Error Code repair guide

Samsung refrigerators Error Code repair guide

RT28N30 Series

No frost samsung refrigerator

No frost model comes with two fan in freezer compartment. One fan is used for freezer cooling and other is used for Ref section cooling.
Some of the erro will show if any parts fails to connect with pcb or get faulty.

23C Freezer Defrost Error
Check heater and Thermal fuse

21C Ext Sensor Error
Ext sensor available near main pcb and or door hinges.

19C Freezer Sensor Error
Freezer sensor available in freezer duct.

17C Ref Sensor Error
Ref sensor available in Ref compartment duct.

15C Freezer Defrost Sensor Error
Freezer defrost available in freezer compartment on cooling coil.

1C freezer fan error
Freezer fan available in freezer duct.

2C Ref fan error

3C compressor error
Check compressor wiring and or inverter pcb

You need to check additional error on inverter PCB.
A red Led will glow continues during compressor working condition. If any fault occurred in compressor or inverter pcb, that Led will blink.

Samsung RT series Refrigerator

See this error on youtube


Refrigerator above 400 Liter

Non Display frost free inverter

TimesError DescriptionPossible Cause
1Freezer Duct Sensor ErrorMalfunctioning freezer duct sensor
2Freezer Defrost Sensor ErrorMalfunctioning freezer defrost sensor
3RT Sensor ErrorMalfunctioning RT sensor
4Freezer Knob ErrorIssues with the freezer knob mechanism
5Freezer Defrosting ErrorError in the freezer defrosting process
6Refrigerator Duct Sensor ErrorMalfunctioning refrigerator duct sensor
7Ref Defrost Sensor ErrorMalfunctioning refrigerator defrost sensor
9Ref Knob Rotary ErrorError with the rotation mechanism of the refrigerator knob
10Compressor or PCB ErrorIssues with the compressor or printed circuit board (PCB)
11Freezer Fan Motor ErrorMalfunctioning freezer fan motor
12Ref Fan Motor ErrorMalfunctioning refrigerator fan motor

Samsung Side by side refrigerator

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