LG washing machine error codes repair guides

LG washing machine error codes repair guides

OE – Drain Error: This error indicates a problem with draining water from the machine. Check for clogs in the drain hose or filter.
Check drain motor
Check supply from main pcb to drain motor.
If supply is not available on motor terminal then replace main pcb.
You can also get a repair for main pcb in nashik city.
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UE – Unbalanced Error
Check machine leveling
Check suspension if required replace it.
Check clothes tangling in machine.

DE – Door Error:
Check door closed or not.
Check door switch if front load washing machine.
Check Door Magnet if Topload washing machine.
Check main pcb.

LE – Motor Error: This indicates a problem with the motor. It could be due to a wiring issue or a faulty motor itself.

  1. PE – Pressure Sensor Error:
    Check pressuresensor and its wiring connection with motor.
    Replace pressure sensor if wiring is ok.
    Replace main pcb if pressure sensor and wiring is ok.
    Washing machine pcb can be repair.

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CE – Overcurrent Error: CE suggests an overcurrent in the motor.
Check drum rotation.
Check if drum is jam.
Replace motor if drum rotation is free.

IE – Inlet Error: IE points to a problem with water inlet.
Check water pressure if low.

Check water tank if empty then refill.
Check water tap if closed, then open.
Check inlet valve resistance value with multimeter., it should be 2K to 5K range.
If it is zero or no value then replace inlet valve.
If valve is ok then check wiring to main pcb.
If wiring is ok then replace main pcb.
Main pcb can be repair.
Just contact us.

FE – Overflow Error: FE indicates that the machine detects an overflow of water.
Check inlet valve if faulty.
Water should be off after Pressing PAUSE button during normal wash mode.

TE – Temperature Sensor Error:
Check temperaturesb sensor value on multimeter.
It will show 2k to 10k if it is OK.

Check wiring to main pcb if sensor is ok.

Replace main pcb if sensor and wiring is ok.
Main pcb can be repair.

Just contact us.

  1. dE1 or dE2 – Door Lock Error: These codes relate to door lock problems.

PF – Power Failure: PF indicates a power fail during the cycle. Restart the machine once power is restored.

  1. CL – Child Lock: This code indicates that the child lock feature is active. To clear it, usualneed temperature and spin simultaneously.
    In Topload washing machine press rinse and spin simultaneously.

tE1 or tE2 – Heating Error: These codes indicate issues with heating the water. It could be a problem with the heater or related components.

E6 – Water Heater Error: This error code relates to a malfunction in the water heater.
Check heater resistance on multimeter.
It should be between 50 to 500 Ohm.

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