LG Dishwasher Error codes

LG Dishwasher Error codes

I can provide you with a table of common LG dishwasher error codes and their potential meanings:

Error CodeDescription
OEDrain error – The water is not draining properly.
IEInlet error – The water inlet is not functioning correctly.
FEFlow error – Insufficient water supply or water pressure issues.
LELeakage error – There may be water leakage.
PEPressure sensor error – Issue with the water pressure sensor.
HEHeater error – The dishwasher’s heater is not functioning correctly.
AESteam error – Steam is detected where it shouldn’t be.
CEConfiguration error – The configuration of the dishwasher needs attention.
TEThermistor error – An issue with the temperature sensor.
DEDoor error – The door is not closed properly or there is an issue with the door latch.

Certainly, here are additional LG dishwasher error codes:

Error CodeDescription
E1Water leakage detected in the base of the dishwasher.
E2Over-level water error – The water level is too high.
E3Water heater error – There’s an issue with the water heater.
E4Overflow error – Water overflows or leaks from the tub.
E5High-temperature error – The water temperature is too high.
E6Aqua Stop error – Issue with the Aqua Stop safety feature.
E7On/Off button error – There’s a problem with the control panel.
E8Vario Motor error – The variable-speed motor is malfunctioning.

For specific troubleshooting steps related to your LG dishwasher model, please consult your user manual or contact LG customer support.

Always refer to your LG dishwasher’s user manual for specific information related to your model. If you encounter an error, it’s advisable to contact LG customer support or a qualified technician for assistance.