Daikin airconditoner error codes

Daikin airconditoner error codes

Certainly, here is a table with common Daikin air conditioner error codes and their potential meanings:

Error CodeDescription
A1Indoor PCB defect
A3Indoor fan motor malfunction
A5Freeze protection
A6Fan motor locked or overcurrent
A7Swing motor malfunction
A9Drain pump malfunction
E0Refrigerant system high pressure abnormality
E1Refrigerant system high pressure cut-off
E2Refrigerant system low pressure abnormality
E3Refrigerant system low pressure cut-off
U0Compressor overcurrent or overheat
U2Power supply insufficient or instantaneous drop
U4Short circuit (excessive current)
U5Power supply frequency detection
U7Abnormal power supply voltage
U9Communication malfunction between indoor and outdoor units
Error CodeDescription
A0External protection devices activated
A2Room temperature sensor malfunction
A4Drain sensor malfunction
A8Indoor heat exchanger temperature sensor malfunction
E4Inverter compressor motor overcurrent
E5Overcurrent protection in electronic expansion valve
E6Signal transmission error (indoor to outdoor unit)
E7Signal transmission error (outdoor to indoor unit)
E8Refrigerant overcharge
E9Refrigerant shortage
EEHigh discharge temperature protection
F3Outdoor discharge air temperature sensor malfunction
F6Outdoor ambient temperature sensor malfunction
H3Compressor discharge temperature sensor malfunction
H6Compressor suction temperature sensor malfunction
H8High-temperature protection of electronic expansion valve

Always consult your Daikin user manual or contact Daikin customer support for precise troubleshooting steps based on the specific error code you encounter.

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