career airconditoner error codes

career airconditoner error codes

Here’s a general guide with possible issues and troubleshooting steps:

Error CodeDescriptionPossible CausesTroubleshooting Steps
E1Room Temperature Sensor ErrorFaulty room temperature sensor.Inspect and replace the room temperature sensor if needed.
E2Evaporator Coil Sensor ErrorFaulty evaporator coil temperature sensor.Inspect and replace the evaporator coil temperature sensor if needed.
E3Condenser Coil Sensor ErrorFaulty condenser coil temperature sensor.Inspect and replace the condenser coil temperature sensor if needed.
E4Indoor Fan Motor ErrorMalfunction of the indoor fan motor.Inspect and replace the indoor fan motor if needed.
E5Outdoor Fan Motor ErrorMalfunction of the outdoor fan motor.Inspect and replace the outdoor fan motor if needed.
E6Communication Error (Indoor to Outdoor)Communication failure between indoor and outdoor units.Check for loose or damaged wiring between units.
E7Communication Error (Indoor to Remote)Communication failure between indoor unit and remote control.Check for loose or damaged wiring between indoor unit and remote.
E8Refrigerant Leakage ErrorRefrigerant leakage detected.Inspect for leaks and repair the refrigerant circuit.
E9High Discharge Temperature ErrorHigh discharge temperature of the compressor.Check for issues affecting the compressor and refrigerant circulation.
E10Compressor Sensor ErrorFaulty sensor in the compressor.Inspect and replace the compressor sensor if needed.
E11EEPROM ErrorCommunication error with the memory chip.Consult a professional technician for EEPROM chip replacement.
E12Current Sensor ErrorFaulty current sensor.Inspect and replace the current sensor if needed.
E13Zero-Cross Signal ErrorError in the zero-cross signal.Check for wiring issues and replace the control board if necessary.
E14Overload ErrorOverload in the compressor.Check for electrical issues, and consult a professional technician.
E15Voltage ErrorVoltage outside the normal range.Check the power supply and voltage stability.
E16IGBT High-Temperature ErrorExcessive temperature in the IGBT module.Inspect for overheating issues and improve ventilation.
E17Pressure Sensor ErrorMalfunction of the pressure sensor.Inspect and replace the pressure sensor if needed.
E18EEPROM Error (Remote)Communication error with the memory chip in the remote control.Replace the remote control or consult a professional technician.

Remember, this is a general guide, and actual error codes and troubleshooting steps may vary. Always refer to the specific model’s user manual or contact Carrier’s customer support for accurate information based on your air conditioner model. If unsure or uncomfortable with troubleshooting, seek professional assistance.

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